Study visit to Daoming primary schools

Saint Paul School from Macau visits Daoming Primary Schools


On April 28, 2014 , a group of 4 people from St. Paul's School Macau came to visit our 4 Daoming primary school. The group was led by Mr. An Jing Dao, who brought along student Cai Pei Shan, president of the Secondary Section student’s association, student Li Jia Jun, president of the Primary Section student’s association and Mr. Li, father of Li Jia Jun representing the school parents. SP Edify (Saint Paul School Fund for Educational Infrastructure in Yunnan) has been working in the area for more than 7 years already, supporting school construction and daily school expenses, as well as drinking water and housing project in these 4 Miao villages and the funds used come mainly from Saint Paul School in Macau, embodying all teachers and students from Saint Paul School Macau love and dedication.

The 4 Daoming Primary Schools as well as the Miao villages where they are located, under the support and long-term care of Saint Paul School Macau, show a lot of improvement, not only in the academic area but also in the area of the general living conditions and the students can now complete their studies in government school with much better conditions to continue and complete their learning. All this advances are obvious and can be seen year by year. We hope that through this study visit, to further allow teachers and students of St. Paul School in Macau to increase their understanding of the Daoming primary schools, to allow more people to participate in this cause, and to continue to spread our mutual love and care!

The expedition visited a total of four primary schools during three days. The sky was extremely clear, with no rain as usual and the weather, although not very sunny, was fine and cool. Our trip was very smooth. Every Daoming school’s students warmly welcome us. The two representatives from St. Paul school student’s representatives also used this opportunity to interact with the Daoming school’s students, teaching them and leading them in playing activities and their teaching methods seemed to be very suitable because they inspired all children’s interest and enthusiasm. For example, Cai Pei-Shan used teaching methods of visual experience during her class, using some imaginative vocabulary, such as "spring", "warm", "thank you" and let the students draw their own representations of these concepts. What really surprised us was that the kids became immediately actively involved, drawing ever more beautiful and complex pictures in a fantastic “learning from peers” experience. This sort of educational approach allows children to open their minds and inspire their creativity and imagination.

We believe that through these three days visit, though short, St. Paul's School "give a helping hand , to build hope" motto will be strengthened and the future will be even brighter.

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