Teaching activity

Public teaching activity


On April 14, 2017, all the teachers of the Daoming Primary Schools gathered at Mataipo Primary School to carry out public teaching activities.

Just at dawn, the students cheerfully came to school. The teachers came into the classroom carrying their own teaching lesson plans. Today is the open class on language, each teacher must face the same class of students. A total of eight teachers have to give the same lesson, really it is like watching the charm of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea. Every teacher in the classroom has demonstrated his unique teaching methods and personality. For example, the school's youngest teacher Zhao Yanhua teacher talked about the "round lotus leaf". She used a picture of a lotus leaf that she herself had painted together with a lotus flower, a frog singing, a dragonfly flying, some fish swimming, all of them beautiful pictures to introduce the new lesson. This greatly aroused the students' interest in learning. In addition to this, the cadence of her voice in the classroom, her vivid body language and student friendly exchanges, active teaching, and also letting each student participate in the role of the text content, such teaching methods, active classroom atmosphere, enrich the teaching content, which let us see the vitality of young teachers and are more in line with the new era of teaching methods. We all benefited greatly from this teaching activity..

In this teaching activity, each teacher has used their own unique teaching methods. The teachers are responsible for working seriously as well From the teaching arrangements to the entire teaching and research activities, the teachers express their views, mutually exchange experiences, learn from each other. This reflect how the teachers love their own work and the patience and love they have towards the students.